course syllabus
science links
practice quizzes

Friday, September 22

looked at the chapter 18 with the Powerpoint to review cloud types;
looked at various clouds at Google images;
discussed precipitation;
quiz on chapter 18 next time we meet (next Wednesday)

Thursday, September 21

reviewed the global heat energy budget;
reviewed atmospheric transmission/absorption according to wavelength and specific greenhouse gas;
looked at the chapter 18 with the Powerpoint to review what we’ve done so far and to introduce cloud types

Wednesday, September 20

discussed the global heat energy budget;
discussed atmospheric transmission/absorption according to wavelength and specific greenhouse gas;
read 517-522 (cloud types and precipitation)

Tuesday, September 19

continued reviewing chapter 17 with the Powerpoint;
watched episode 28 of Eureka on radiation;
quiz over chapter 17;
briefly discussed cloud formation;
read 510-516 (cloud formation)

Monday, September 18

reviewed chapter 17 with the Powerpoint and quiz;
watched episodes 25-27 of Eureka on convection;
discussed the relative humidity worksheet (due tomorrow);
quiz tomorrow over chapter 17 concepts

Friday, September 8

no class, due to Community Outreach Day

Thursday, September 7

(due to student body photo, there was only 5 minutes of class)
briefly discussed relative humidity;
passed out a relative humidity worksheet to begin considering

Wednesday, September 6

reviewed concepts of heat in solids, liquids, and gasses;
watched episodes 19-21 of Eureka on heat;
briefly discussed relative humidity

Tuesday, September 5

demonstrated atmospheric pressure crushing a bottle;
watched episodes 16-18 of Eureka on heat

Monday, September 4

reviewed atmospheric pressure;
demonstrated light scattering, which causes the sky to be blue, and sunsets to be red;
discussed the effect of oceans, elevation, and prevailing wind on average temperature curves;
read:  504-509 (water in the atmosphere)

Friday, September 1

discussed atmospheric pressure and atmospheric layers;
read:  483-493 (atmospheric heating)

Thursday, August 31

quiz over chapter 25;
discussed atmospheric composition;
read:  476-482 (the atmosphere)

Wednesday, August 30

watched a final segment of Cosmos, The Edge of Forever on the possibility of 4-dimensional space;
reviewed chapter 25 with the Powerpoint and quiz;
quiz 25 tomorrow

Tuesday, August 29

discussed types of galaxies and Hubble’s tuning fork diagram;
reviewed the H-R diagram and the inverse-square law;
watched segments of Cosmos, The Edge of Forever

Monday, August 28

discussed stellar life and death;
reviewed the H-R diagram and the inverse-square law;
watched some more of Cosmos, The Lives of the Stars;
read:  715-721 (the universe)

Friday, August 25

quiz over chapter 24;
discussed quiz;
watched part of Cosmos, The Lives of the Stars;
read:  707-715 (star life and death)

Thursday, August 24

summarized chapter 24;
did practice quiz;
demonstrated effects of temperature on brightness and color;
discussed the Hertzsprung & Russell diagram;
quiz 24 tomorrow

Wednesday, August 23

discussed incandescent, bright-line and, absorption spectra;
discussed the Doppler effect;
discussed solar anatomy;
discussed the sunspot cycle;
discussed nuclear fusion as the sun’s source of energy

Tuesday, August 22

reviewed the electromagnetic spectrum;
looked at current solar images from SOHO;
watched video clip on the sun’s surface;
read:  700-706 (properties of stars)

Monday, August 21

discussed the electromagnetic spectrum;
discussed a continuous visible spectrum vs. a bright line spectrum;
discussed/demonstrated imaging with a lens and a mirror;
read:  684-690 (the sun)

Friday, August 18

quiz over chapter 23 (the planets);
read:  pp.674-683 (light)

Thursday, August 17

watched the second half of A Tour Through Our Solar System;
looked at images of planets and moons as we summarized the week’s reading;
quiz tomorrow over the planets

Wednesday, August 16

discussed worksheet on interplanetary distances (due date postponed till Thursday);
watched the first half of A Tour Through Our Solar System

Tuesday, August 15

briefly discussed the solar eclipse using Stellarium;
discussed common traits of the terrestrial planets;
discussed worksheet on interplanetary distances (due tomorrow);
read:  654-664 (the Jovian planets)

Monday, August 14

discussed the relative sizes and distances between the planets;
spent some time browsing the night sky with Stellarium;
passed out a worksheet on interplanetary distances (due Wednesday);
read:  649-653 (the terrestrial planets)

Friday, August 11

reviewed early astronomers & Earth-Sun-Moon motions;
quiz over the week’s topics;
read:  644-648 (The Solar System)

Thursday, August 10

reviewed early astronomers & Earth-Sun-Moon motions;
watched portions of Harmony of the Worlds, from the Cosmos series, on renaissance astronomy;
quiz tomorrow over the week’s topics

Wednesday, August 9

reviewed early astronomers;
discussed Earth-Sun-Moon motions and related terminology;
quiz Friday over the week’s topics

Tuesday, August 8

discussed early astronomers;
discussed geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system;
looked at animations illustrating planet motions;
read:  622-629 (Earth, Moon, & Sun)

 Monday, August 7

discussed the nature of the course and its content;
discussed the course syllabus and class expectations;
explored the size of the universe with Scale of the Universe 2;
read:  614-621 (Early Astronomy)