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Course Description

Wednesday, August 15

discussed doing statistical calculations with a spreadsheet;
p. P37 #2-10 even

Tuesday, August 14

discussed homework;
discussed permutations and combinations;
p. P31 #2-20 even

Monday, August 13

discussed homework;
discussed roots;
p. P17 #2-22 even

Friday, August 10

discussed properties of quadratic equations and solving them;
p. P13 #8, 10, 16, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 46

Thursday, August 9

discussed complex numbers and arithmetic with them;
p. P8 #2-32, 38-42 even

Wednesday, August 8

discussed pretest over Algebra II concepts;
discussed set notation and set operations;
p. P5 #2-30 even

Tuesday, August 7

pretest over Algebra II concepts;
read:  pp. P3-P4 (sets)

Monday, August 6

explained course content;
reviewed Algebra II concepts;
pretest tomorrow