Course Description

Friday, September 22

completed yesterday’s document using tables;
reviewed the week’s topics;
took a quiz over columns, tables, formating

Thursday, September 21

created a document using tables;

Wednesday, September 20

did 98-103 on columns, tables, and spreadsheet inserts;

Tuesday, September 19

created a document using borders (Psalm 23);

Monday, September 18

did 92-97 on embedded video, themes, & borders;

Friday, September 8

no class, due to Community Outreach Day

Thursday, September 7

had show-N-tell with personalized document using styles & themes

Wednesday, September 6

created a personalized document using styles & themes

Tuesday, September 5

did 88-91, then discussed working with styles, themes, and templates

Monday, September 4

finished working on a document involving lists:  an outline of Revelation

Friday, September 1

began working on a document involving lists

Thursday, August 31

discussed some of the features of Outlook;
did 84-87 on lists;
no weekly quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, August 30

finished (almost) working on getting an email account set up on Outlook;
briefly talked about lists on Word

Tuesday, August 29

continued working on getting an email account set up on Outlook

Monday, August 28

worked on getting an email account set up on Outlook

Friday, August 25

reviewed the week’s topics;
quiz over the week’s topics

Thursday, August 24

created a document according to specifications using Word;

Wednesday, August 23

did pp.80-83 on tabs and margins;
discussed excessive fonts abuse;
discussed spacing, justification, indents, and margins

Tuesday, August 22

did pp.72-79 on typefaces

Monday, August 21

did 62-69 on views, signatures, & symbols

Friday, August 18

quiz over the week’s topics;
discussed connectivity speeds and issues with using “the cloud”

Thursday, August 17

did 22-23 on personal data in documents;
discussed the myth of digital anonymity;
did 26-29 on cut, copy, & paste;
quiz tomorrow over the week’s topics

Wednesday, August 16

did 14-19 on creating, opening, and saving documents;
briefly discussed printers and printing

Tuesday, August 15

quiz on file system terminology;
passed out textbooks;
did 7-14 on customizing the ribbon and the quick access toolbar

Monday, August 14

reviewed file system terminology;
browsed around the network share points using Windows and Mac OS;
quiz tomorrow

Friday, August 11

discussed networked drives;
briefly discussed the Macintosh Finder

Thursday, August 10

discussed file types and file extensions;
tried to map some networked drives

Wednesday, August 9

took the typing speed test;
began exploring Macintosh Finder

Tuesday, August 8

played around with typing tutorial;
typing speed quiz tomorrow

Monday, August 7

discussed nature of course, course expectations, and website;
played around with typing speed test