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Course Description
Java Notes

Wednesday, August 15

discussed congruency;
p. 12 #2-36 even

Tuesday, August 14

briefly discussed binary numbers, bits, and bytes;
discussed identifiers, variables and types;
demonstrated some of the pitfalls of working with different types;
read:  JavaNotes 2.2.3-2.2.5 (literals, Strings, and variables in programs)
quiz on Thursday over what we’ve done so far

Monday, August 13

Discussed 1.1 vocabulary.
Pg. 5 # 2-26 even + take 1 full page of notes on section 1.2.

Friday, August 10

discussed program syntax, semantics, and pragmatics;
discussed the basic Java program;
wrote a “Hello World” program;
read:  JavaNotes 2.2-2.2.2 (variables and types)

Thursday, August 9

Complete vocabulary notes

Wednesday, August 8

reviewed JavaNotes 1.1 & 1.4;
discussed/demonstrated Bluej;
read JavaNotes 2.1 (the basic Java program)

Tuesday, August 7

 Set up interactive notebooks

Monday, August 6

explained course content and the nature of the course;
read JavaNotes 1.1 & 1.4