Monday 5.4.15
Continued Ecology unit with community succession, tolerance, and limiting factors
Worksheet: Deer Predation or Starvation


Friday 5.1.15
Video Analysis: Planet Earth Jungle

Thursday 4.30.15
Textbook: Page 48 MiniLab 2
Video Analysis: Planet Earth Jungle

Wednesday 4.29.15
Continued Ecology unit with ecosystem energy
Textbook: Page 53 #1-9

Tuesday 4.28.15
Began Ecology unit Introduction
Textbook: Read pages 32-40

Monday 4.27.15
Video Analysis: Pole to Pole (Planet Earth)


Friday 4.24.15
Test: Phylum Chordata

Thursday 4.23.15
Review for Test

Wednesday 4.22.15
Review for Test
Test Friday: Phylum Chordata

Tuesday 4.21.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with Mammalia Class
WS: Class Mammalia

Monday 4.20.15
Video: flight


Friday 4.17.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with Aves Orders

Thursday 4.16.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with Aves Class

Wednesday 4.15.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with Reptile Class

Tuesday 4.14.15
Lab: Bullfrog Dissection

Monday 4.13.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with Amphibia Class
WS: Amphibians


Tuesday 4.7.15
Lab: Internal Shark Anatomy

Monday 4.6.15
Lab: External Shark Anatomy


Friday 4.3.15
Continued Phylum Chordata with chondrichthyes and osteichthyes classes.
Minilab: Fish Behavior

Thursday 4.2.15
Video Analysis: Shark Encounter

Wednesday 4.1.15
 Reviewed Test
Introduced Phylum Chordata with Crash Course Video

Tuesday 3.31.15
Test: Zoology

Monday 3.30.15
Review for Test
Test Tuesday: Zoology


Friday 3.26.15
Review for Test
Test Tuesday: Zoology


Tuesday 3.17.15
Continued Kingdom Animalia with discussion of Phyla Porifera and Cnidaria
WS: Portifera and Cnidaria
Textbook: Read Pages 705-715

Monday 3.16.15
Continued Kingdom Animalia with discussion of prominent phyla and symmetry
WS: Animal Symmetry


Tuesday 3.3.15
Students transplanted seedlings to larger pots and placed in greenhouse

Monday 3.2.15
Introduction to Kingdom Animalia including characteristics and reproduction
Textbook: Read pages 692-697


Friday 2.27.15
Kingdom Plantae Test

Thursday 2.26.15
Finish kingdom Plantae Review
Test Friday

Wednesday 2.25.15
Kingdom Plantae Review
Test Friday: Kingdom Plantae

Tuesday 2.24.15
Kingdom Plantae Review
Textbook: Page 683 #13-20, 24, 26, 27, 32, 35

Monday 2.23.15
Lab Data: Plant Development


Friday 2.20.15
Lab Data: Plant Development
Quiz: Plant cells, organs, and responses

Thursday 2.19.15
Finished discussion of the Kingdom Plantae with the results of plant reproduction
Textbook: Read pages 676-679
Quiz Friday: Plant cells, organs, and responses

Wednesday 2.18.15
Lab: Plant Development

Tuesday 2.17.15
Continued discussion of the Kingdom Plantae with plant reproduction
Textbook: Read pages 662-663 and 668-671

Monday 2.16.15
Snow Day!!


Friday 2.13.15
Lab: Counting Stomata

Thursday 2.12.15
Lab: Counting Stomata

Wednesday 2.11.15
Finished discussion of plant organs
Lab: Plant Growth Rates (students planted marigold and zinnia seeds for growth rate lab)

Tuesday 2.10.15
Continued discussion of the Kingdom Plantae (Chapter 22 Section 2) with plant organs

Monday 2.9.15
Began discussion of the Kingdom Plantae (Chapter 22 Section 1) with plant cell and tissue structure
Classwork: Page 655 #1-7,11


Friday 1.30.15
Video: Hero

Thursday 1.29.15
Test: Taxonomy

Wednesday 1.28.15
Review: Chapter 17-20
Test: Thursday

Tuesday 1.27.15
Review: Chapter 17-20
Test: Thursday

Monday 1.26.15
Virtual Lab: Protist and Fungi Comparison


Friday 1.23.15
Due: Notebook

Thursday 1.22.15
Began Fungi topic in Chapter 20 Section 1
Textbook: page 595#4-7, 9, 11
Lab Report: Due Friday (1.23.15)

Wednesday 1.21.15
Began Protist topic in Chapter 19 Section 1
Textbook: page 569#1-9 (omit 3)

Tuesday 1.20.15
Continued discussion of viruses begun on 1.16.15

Monday 1.19.15
Finished Bacteria lab by observing plate colonies, staining bacteria samples, and viewing bacteria using a microscope
Lab Report: Due Friday (1.23.15)


Friday 1.16.15
Viewed bacteria plates and added data to lab reports.  Discussed viruses.
Due: Notebooks
Lab Report: Due Wednesday (1.21.15)

Thursday 1.15.15
Restarted the Lab Bacteria by retaking samples and swabbing new Petri dishes
PreLab: Bacteria
Lab Report: Due Wednesday (1.21.15)

Wednesday 1.14.15
Video: Catching Kayla (Multiple Sclerosis)

Tuesday 1.13.15
Began Lab Bacteria by taking samples and swabbing Petri dishes
Lab Report: Due Monday (1.19.15)

Monday 1.12.15
Began discussion of Domains with prokaryotes
Textbook: Read Chapter 18 Section 1 page 516-524

Sunday 1.11.15
Continued discussion on classification by discussing domain and kingdom characteristics
Textbook: Read Chapter 17 Section 2; Complete page 508 #24-30,33
Quiz Monday



Friday 1.9.15
Continued discussion on classification by completing lab activity
Lab Activity: Organism Classification and formative assessment

Thursday 1.8.15
Continued discussion on classification by introducing domains and kingdoms
Lab Activity: Organism Classification

Wednesday 1.7.15
Continued discussion on classification and modern taxonomy
Textbook:  Complete page 507 #1-8
Work Sheet: Interpreting Graphics — Taxonomy

Tuesday 1.6.15
Continued discussion on classification and modern taxonomy
Textbook:  Read Chapter 17 Section 2

Monday 1.5.15
Began discussion on classification and taxonomy
Textbook:  Read Chapter 17 Section 1