Thursday, August 22

Discussed No Parking Sign Compound inequality activity
HW: complete activity at home

Wednesday, August 21

No Parking Sign compound inequality activity
HW: None

Tuesday, August 20

Quizzed over 6.4a, discussed Venn Diagrams
HW: complete the Venn Diagram worksheet – quiz tomorrow

Monday, August 19

And/Or statements, Venn diagrams, solve conditional inequalities
HW: Conditional inequalities worksheet – 6.4 quiz Wednesday

Thursday, August 8

HW:359: 23-35 odd

Wednesday, August 7

HW:359: 1-21 odd

Tuesday, August 6

Inequalities in real-life scavenger hunt

HW: None

Monday, August 5

HW: Take the Syllabus + Handbook Survey