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Latest News & Announcements

2015 Flagball Intramurals

Flagball intramural starts on Monday, October 12, and runs throughout November 19. Team members need to remember to wear [...]

2015 Softball/Soccer Intramurals

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Highland Spreads the Word

Highland Academy made a strategic goal last year and printed it on the school calendar--Highland students were going to Spread [...]

National Honor Society Induction

The National Honor Society inducted nine new members on February 22. HA's National Honor Society is a very active group [...]

What Graduates Say

“Highland Academy provided a very solid foundation for me spiritually and academically. The support I received from my teachers helped me to develop good habits that I used with success throughout college and medical school.”
Dr. Norman McNulty, Class of 1996
“Highland is more than just where I went to high school. Highland is where I found the sisters God knew my mom couldn’t handle having under the same roof. Highland is where God molded me for my life’s work (which weirdly enough that molding was me pulling weeds every day for four years). And, ultimately, Highland is where God revealed to me the work he had prepared me for.”
Christen Case, Class of 2009
“Highland Academy gave me a foundation from which to build a life of purpose. The staff provided role models that inspired me to serve the Lord in whatever vocation I chose, and classes and activities brought friends and fond memories for a lifetime. The years here on campus are some of the greatest blessings of my life.”

—Amazing Facts, Partner Relations

Todd Parrish, Class of 1979
“Highland Academy provided me with countless opportunities, learning experiences, and unforgettable memories. Besides just teaching us how to balance chemical equations or graph trigonometric functions, the staff also taught us how to keep God in the center of our lives and helped prepare us for life after high school. I made lifelong friends and even adopted a few extra ‘families’ with the faculty at Highland, and now, nearly a year after graduating, I still consider Highland as my ‘second home.'”
Kayla Payne, Class of 2014
“Highland taught me how to manage my time. I was so prepared for college it was ridiculous. I already knew how to balance friends, school, and work. I would not trade any of my Highland years for anything. I did not just make friends at Highland, I made family.”
Jessica Barnett, Class of 2014